Google released Android 12 beta 2 today, and as the OS gets closer to release, there are a bunch of changes. One thing that the Mountain View firm promised back at Google I/O was that the theme of the device could automatically adjust to your wallpaper with Android 12. That’s now live in the new build.

What’s going to happen is that Android is going to detect the dominant color in your wallpaper, and use colors based on that. You’ll see them in certain text like the clock on your home screen, on buttons in quick settings, and so on. The color swatch that’s created from the wallpaper is going to be used as an accent theme throughout the UI.

It’s all part of the broader Material You design push that we’re seeing in Android 12. As the name implies, there are tons of ways to personalize the UX. You’re going to be able to set color swatches, contrast, element sizes, and line widths. It’s the first major redesign since Android 9.

To get started, all you should have to do is change your wallpaper in Android 12 beta 2. This seems to be something that happens by default, although given how much Google is pushing the idea of personalization with this update, you will absolutely be able to customize this in any way that you want to.

Google is going to be refining its Material You design language throughout this beta cycle, and there’s still a ways to go. We should be getting another beta build next month, and that’s going to be followed by a final platform stable build in August, followed by general availability on Pixel smartphones later on this year.