Apple is adding a new feature to the App Store, called search suggestions, that will make searching for new apps on the platform a lot easier. As its name suggests, the feature will bring up suggested keywords when you enter a search term on the App Store to help you filter the search results and find new apps quickly.

According to Apple, search suggestions on the App Store will appear right below the search bar as soon as you enter a search term. You will then be able to tap on one of the suggested keywords to narrow down your search and find the specific apps you’re looking for. As per a recent report from MacRumors, the feature first showed up for some users earlier this month as part of a test. But it’s now rolling out more widely for iPhone and iPad users in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

At the moment, search suggestions are limited to the regions mentioned above. However, Apple plans to roll it out to more regions in the near future. If you’re in one of the aforementioned regions, you can try the new feature by following the instructions shown in the video embedded above. However, it’s worth noting that the App Store doesn’t show search suggestions for all keywords at the moment. Here are a couple of keywords you can try to see how the feature works: pizza, maker, game, call, food, delivery, meditation, and Indian. If you come across more keywords that bring up search suggestions, make sure you share them with other readers in the comments section below.