Apple has updated the Boot Camp software on macOS to add support for Windows Precision Touchpad gestures. The feature was spotted by Reddit user ar25nan, and according to Apple’s support page, it works on Mac devices with the T2 security chip. This chip was introduced in 2018, and most Mac models released since then support it.

The update is a big deal if you want to make use of the large trackpad on a MacBook or a Magic TrackPad. Windows Precision Touchpad drivers enable much better functionality for touchpads on Windows 10. With Precision drivers, gestures like scrolling and zooming, as well as more complex three- and four-finger gestures are all standardized and generally work a lot better than with custom drivers. You can use these gestures to quickly switch between Windows apps, control volume, and more.

Up until now, you would have to download an unofficial driver to enable Precision Touchpad features in Boot Camp. In fact, you can even use that driver on a PC that runs Windows out of the box, if you have a Magic TrackPad 2 connected to it. Regardless, it’s still good to see Apple bringing this feature directly into Boot Camp so you don’t have to fiddle with anything unofficial. Plus, most Windows 10 laptops now ship with Precision trackpads, so this will make the experience feel a bit more familiar if you’re switching to a Mac.

if you’re looking to try this out, you should be able to get the update using Apple’s Software Updater for Windows 10. Run the program inside Boot Camp and the update should be detected. If you’re using a Windows PC and want to use a Magic TrackPad with it, you can find the unofficial driver on GitHub.