The Samsung Galaxy S21 series came with dual-SIM support in some regions like India. However, the US only got a single-SIM variant of the device. If you’ve been waiting to use two SIMs on your Galaxy S21 series device in the US, there’s good news for you! Carrier versions of the Galaxy S21 — namely the T-Mobile and Verizon versions — are now getting the One UI 4.0 update which unlocks the eSIM functionality on the device. This is quite big since you can now use two networks on your Galaxy S21 device.

Earlier today, both Verizon and T-Mobile started rolling out One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 to the Galaxy S21 lineup. Apart from the obvious upgrade to the latest version of Android, this update also enabled the eSIM options for these carrier models, as noted by Reddit user i_love_the_usa1776. Following the update, when you go to the network settings on the device, there’s now an eSIM option. Surprisingly, this feature isn’t present on the unlocked version of the device yet (on the stable builds) but has made its way to the carrier versions of the Galaxy S21.

It’s also interesting that the eSIM can be linked to any carrier and need not be associated with the same carrier from where you got the phone. For example, if you have a Verizon Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can activate an eSIM linked to T-Mobile or just about any carrier of your choice. A couple of months back, Samsung made the One UI 4.0 Beta available for unlocked (U1) models of the Galaxy S21, which enabled the eSIM option on those variants. The unlocked variants still haven’t been updated to the stable build, though, so the carrier models are the first to get this feature.

If you’re in the US and have either the Verizon or T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy S21, you can head over to the Settings app to check for an update, and you should ideally receive it. Some models in the S21 series are slated to get the update later in the week.