Developers behind the DotOS (short for Droid on Time) custom ROM project have teased a new Android 12-based dynamic theming engine for their upcoming release. The new system succeeds the team’s “MonetWannabe” feature, their previous attempt at a wallpaper-based theming system which is currently available in DotOS 5.1. As we explained back in April, the developers of DotOS made “MonetWannabe” by “cod[ing] the whole framework from scratch after carefully reversing Google’s implementation in Android 12 and tweaking the underlying algorithms for better flexibility.”

Since the release of “MonetWannabe” in DotOS 5.1, Google released Android 12 Beta 2 and 3, both of which contain their official “monet” theming system. For context, Google’s new dynamic theming engine code-named “monet” generates color palettes based on the colors extracted from your wallpaper, and it then applies those colors to various parts of the system UI and any apps that support it. It’s a major part of Google’s new Material You design language and is one of the most exciting new features of Android 12.

Shortly after the release of Android 12 Beta 2, developer kdrag0n recreated the “monet” theming system from scratch and published the source code for his work. Developer Quinny899 then created a support library based on kdrag0n’s work, dubbed “MonetCompat.” This is what DotOS’s new theming engine is based on — the custom ROM seems to be applying the MonetCompat library to system apps.

The current “MonetWannabe” theming system in DotOS only recolors some parts of the system UI — mainly the Quick Settings panel. With “MonetCompact,” however, DotOS will extend dynamic theming support to more parts of the system, including various Settings pages, the “About phone” screen, the floating volume panel, and more. The team says the new Battery Manager and the OTA app will also be updated to support dynamic colors. Here are some screenshots showing the new wallpaper-based dynamic theming system in action.

The new Android 12-based theming system will be available in the upcoming DotOS 5.2 release. Once it becomes available, users can enable the new theme engine under Settings > Customizations and selecting “Wallpaper Colors”. There’s no ETA for when the team plans to release the new builds of DotOS with the revamped dynamic theming engine, but as always, it’s good etiquette to not ask for an ETA when one isn’t provided.