Following months of speculation, Google confirmed today that it is working on an overhaul of Wear OS, in partnership with Samsung. The updated platform will combine the best features of Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen software platform, and during today’s Google I/O keynote, it was revealed that Samsung and Fitbit are working on Wear OS watches.

Samsung only made one Wear OS watch in the past, the Gear Live in 2014, and all the company’s wearables since then have used Tizen. Patric Chomet, Head of Customer Experience at Samsung Mobile, said during the Google I/O keynote presentation that the next Galaxy Watch would use Wear OS.

Google also confirmed that Fitbit will produce premium Wear OS smartwatches later this year. Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit earlier this year, so a Fitbit-made watch could be the closet we get to a Pixel Watch.

No photos or other details about future Fitbit or Samsung smartwatches were revealed during the Google I/O keynote presentation. However, Samsung confirmed to CNET that the next Galaxy Watch will keep the rotating bezel, and that some Samsung apps and and services would be ported to Wear OS. Most notably, Samsung Health will stay Tizen-only.

Featured image: Galaxy Watch 3