Google recently released the Gboard app on Wear OS, making it easier for users to type on their smartwatch. Like the Android version, Gboard for Wear OS offers multiple input methods, an integrated emoji palette, and multi-language support. The app also offers a new preview screen, featuring smart suggestions and corrections. Along with these features, Gboard for Wear OS also brings a redesigned lockscreen PIN keypad.

As per a recent report from 9to5Google, the new Gboard lockscreen PIN keypad offers improved spacing for the 0-9 keys, a smaller preview window, and repositioned backspace/enter keys. Since the layout is now more spacious, users will be able to easily enter their PIN without making any annoying typos.

Furthermore, the Gboard keypad features a new animation for keypresses. Instead of a pop-up that covered the preview screen, the new keypad shows a circular highlight around the key you press. Check out the new animation in the screenshots attached below.

It’s worth noting that all keyboards and number pads across Wear OS have been moved over from the generic “Google Keyboard” to Gboard. So you should see this new layout in other parts of the OS as well. If you like the new layout, you can download the Gboard app on your Wear OS smartwatch by heading over to the My apps section of the wearable Play Store.

Featured image courtesy u/TheMacJezza