The Google Pixel 6 series is set to be launched on October 19th, which the company only just officially confirmed. We’ve seen the number of leaks intensify over the past month too. We’ve seen a hands-on, some photo samples, and even potential pricing. Now, German retailer Saturn may be bundling a pair of Bose 700 Headphones as a pre-order bonus with the Pixel 6 free. Furthermore, the deals booklet appears to confirm a number of other key details.

The Bose headphones that come with the Pixel 6 retail for €280, and are a set of noise-canceling headphones from Bose. The listing says that the pre-order bonus is only available from the 19th of October to the 27th, which also lends credence to the device’s general availability being the 28th of October.

As for the listing itself, it appears to confirm a few things. For starters, it matches the previously-leaked pricing that we’ve seen already for the regular variant, with a starting price of €649. Given that is right on the money for the regular variant, €899 is looking more likely for the Pro. Secondly, it confirms the 50MP dual camera (though we already really knew that from leaked photo samples), a 4,620 mAh battery, and it also claims that it has face unlock capabilities. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman spotted that Google may have been testing face unlocking on the Google Pixel 6 Pro a few weeks ago.

We’re expecting a new Pixel Stand to launch alongside the Pixel 6 series, along with some new fancy fabric cases too. The series is also said to have a 5G modem from Samsung instead of Qualcomm, with ultra-wideband support and Wi-Fi 6E as well. We recently wrote an exclusive report about the likely specifications of the new Tensor chip on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This includes the core configurations as per benchmarks as well as some other tidbits like codecs. We also covered an exclusive Google Pixel 6 leak with information directly from the phone itself. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Pixel 6 series, and that’s in part thanks to it being the biggest generational jump of any Pixel device yet.