Blue is one of the most popular audio companies around, especially due to the widespread use of the company’s Blue Yeti desktop condenser microphone. The Yeti is an excellent microphone, but Blue also sells a smaller version with most of the same features and a lower price point. Now you can get the smaller Blue Yeti Nano for $79.99 on Amazon, $20 below the usual price. This is also the cheapest the Yeti Nano has ever been, at least from Amazon’s store.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a condenser microphone with two pickup patterns. The Omnidirectional mode picks up sound in all directions — ideal for conference calls with multiple people in the room. There’s also a Cardioid Mode for normal calls and livestreaming, which focuses on sound directly in front of the microphone. Besides the button for switching between recording modes, there’s also a volume knob (for headphones plugged directly into the microphone) and a mute button.

    Blue’s smaller condenser microphone is on sale for $79.99, a savings of $20 from the usual price. It has two pickup modes and USB connectivity.

This microphone has a 24-bit depth, a sample rate of 48kHz, and a USB port for connecting to PCs. You don’t need software installed to use the microphone, but Blue does have a desktop app for controlling the gain and other settings without having to touch the mic’s buttons.