The Galaxy Buds Live are true wireless earbuds with a unique design, which earned them the nickname ‘Galaxy Beans.’ The earbuds provide good sound quality without in-ear rubber tips, though they aren’t for everyone, which is seemingly why Samsung hasn’t released a sequel by now. The earbuds were briefly on sale for $95 in June, and now you can buy them for just $69.99 from Samsung.

These earbuds have 12mm speakers, a bass duct for enhancing lower frequency sound, and (finicky) touch controls for pausing/skipping playback. The Buds Live also technically offers Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), but it has little to no effect in real-world usage, so look elsewhere if you need earbuds with noise cancellation. Check out our full review for more details. The earbud case uses USB Type-C for charging, or you can set it on top of any Qi wireless charging pad.

    Samsung is selling refurbished Galaxy Buds Live through its official eBay store for $69.99.

This listing on Samsung’s official eBay store is for refurbished Galaxy Buds Live, and each unit has been tested to work exactly like new. Samsung is even shipping the earbuds in the original retail packaging, which isn’t always the case with refurbished electronics, and you get a 2-year warranty.