Google rolled out Chrome 91 on the stable channel towards the end of May this year. The update introduced several new features, performance improvements, and more. Much to the dismay of many Chrome users, the update also removed the ability to disable the grid view for tabs, forcing everyone to use the new layout. Now, Google has detailed some of the new privacy and security improvements coming in Chrome 92.

The new Google Chrome release brings improved site safety controls to help you track website permissions easily. To access the feature, tap on the lock icon to the left of the address bar, and Chrome will show you all the permissions you’ve granted for that particular site. In addition, the feature will let you easily toggle the microphone, location, camera, and other permissions for the website. The updated site controls will roll out to Chrome for Android phones and tablets with Chrome 92, and Google plans to add more platforms in upcoming releases. In a future release, you’ll also be able to delete the site from your browsing history in Chrome.

Chrome 92 also brings support for additional Chrome Actions to help you make the most of the feature. The new actions aim to make security and privacy features easier to access, allowing you to type things like “run safety check” and “manage security settings” in the address bar to quickly open the relevant settings. If you’re not familiar with the feature, make sure you check out this post for a quick overview.

Furthermore, Chrome 92 brings improved site isolation and phishing detection to protect you from attacks. With the latest release, Site Isolation will cover a broader range of sites and extensions, along with tweaks to improve Chrome’s speed. The browser is also getting improvements to image processing that makes phishing detection 50 times faster and less taxing on the battery.

The improved site isolation, phishing detection, and support for additional Chrome Actions will roll out to Chrome for all platforms in the coming weeks.