Earlier this month, Google announced when its highly-anticipated developer conference will take place. Google I/O 2021 kicks off on May 18th and lasts through May 20th, and it’ll be a virtual event that’s free for anyone to attend. Today, Google published the full schedule for the event, giving us an overview of what sessions will take place, what topics will be covered, and who will be speaking.

The developer conference will touch upon nearly every aspect of Android, Chrome OS, and the rest of Google’s services. There are talks covering Google Assistant, Google Play, Firebase, Google Play Services, Android TV, Google Search, Google Pay, Chrome, Flutter, and of course, Android 12. There’s even a session on Wear OS, Google’s Android OS for smartwatches, which is good to see since the platform definitely needs some attention to stay relevant. Some of the talks I’m looking forward to most include the sessions for Android privacy, Android security, Android media, background tasks, large screen devices, and development tools.

While most of the session descriptions don’t reveal much, the “refreshing widgets” talk promises to teach us about the “new look” that widgets are getting in Android 12. The only widget-related change we’ve confirmed so far in Android 12 is the new Conversations widget, but there are hints here and there that Google is working on iOS-like widget stacks.

The main keynote address kicks off at 10:00 AM PT on the 18th followed by the developer keynote about 2 hours and 15 minutes later. After that, the “What’s new in Android”, “What’s new in Google Play”, and “What’s new for the web platform” keynotes follow. These 5 are the most important talks to look out for as they’ll not only cover major development-related news but they’ll also touch upon many consumer products as well. Sundar Pichai earlier today teased “significant product updates and announcements” during the Alphabeta/Google earnings call (via Droid-Life), so we can expect to see some major product announcements at the event.

We’ll of course be covering as much as we can from Google I/O 2021, so keep an eye out on this page for any future I/O-related coverage from us. You can view the entire catalog of sessions here or explore by topics, content level, session type, and more from the main page. Meanwhile, the full schedule can be accessed here, while the list of speakers can be seen here and the list of products covered can be found here.