Google just confirmed that it’s working with Samsung to completely revamp Wear OS and bring some crucial updates to the platform. The company also revealed that it’s working with both Samsung and Fitbit to bring a new generation of Wear OS-powered watches to the market, which should be available later this year. In a blog post on the matter, the company further highlighted some of the new features that it will add to the platform, like new navigation capabilities, new Tiles, and a much-awaited YouTube Music app.

Google transitioned from Google Play Music to YouTube Music last year, and one of the several issues users faced due to this transition was the lack of a Wear OS app for Google’s new music streaming service. Google has now confirmed that it will release a YouTube Music app for Wear OS later this year. The app will come with features like smart downloads that will let users download music to their watches for offline listening while they’re on the go.

Furthermore, Google announced that it’s making it easier for developers to build new Wear OS apps and Tiles with a couple of new tools. These include a new Tiles API and a watch face design editor built by Samsung. Apps from developers like Strava, Adidas Running, Bitmoji, and more will also make their way to the platform later this year.