Google released an upgraded version of its Nest Hub smart display back in March, with Soli motion sensors for tracking hand gestures and (optionally) sleep patterns. The Nest Hub is typically sold for $99, but now you can pick one up for just $85. That’s not a mind-blowing discount, but considering the speaker has been available for less than two months, it’s not bad at all.

The Google Nest Hub is a smart display, so it can do everything a typical smart speaker can do: stream music, control home devices, set reminders, check information, play the news, and so on. The touch screen gives you easier control of smart home devices and media playback. Some video content can also be played directly on the screen, like YouTube and Netflix, and the screen functions as a Chromecast for most other services.

    The latest Nest Hub is now just $80 on eBay, a savings of $20 from the usual price. Enter code PICKSUMMER15 at checkout to get the full discount.

The new second-generation model from Google has upgraded speakers (with a promised “50% more bass”), a faster processor, and a Soli motion sensor. The sensor allows you to control media playback and snooze alarms by waving your hands in front of the Nest Hub, and if you put the Nest Hub in your bedroom, Soli can track your sleep patterns (sleep features are not enabled by default).

There’s no camera on the Nest Hub, just like with the old model, which most people would likely prefer on a device that could sit in your bedroom. However, that does mean anyone you call on Duo won’t be able to see your face.