There are many, many, many mesh Wi-Fi systems that promise to deliver a strong network connection to every corner of your home, but one of the better ones in recent years has been the Google Wifi. It’s not the most powerful mesh system around, but the Google Wifi is easy to use and is almost always better than a single router. Now you can get a pack of three Google Wifi stations for $150 at multiple retailers, a savings of $50 from the normal price.

The Google WiFi is a dual-band mesh system, so it doesn’t offer the same super-fast speeds as tri-band routers (like the Eero Pro 6), but it’s still a significant improvement over a single router in most situations. The model on sale is the latest revision, released last year with a slightly-different design and lower price tag. Unlike the Nest Wifi, the Google Wifi stations don’t function as a Google Assistant smart speaker. You get a dual-band (2.4 and 5GHz) AC1200 Wi-Fi network, with two Ethernet ports on each station — if you need more wired connections, get a network switch.

    This is the latest version of the Google Wifi, a mesh WiFi router that brings fast internet to every corner of your (under 4,500 sq. ft.) home.

The Google Wifi is set up and managed through the Google Home app (the older Google Wifi app has been retired), which provides data on your connected devices and optional parental controls. At a time when many of us are still stressing our home internet connections with plenty of media streaming and video calls, mesh systems like the Google WiFi can help you get the best speeds possible in every corner of your home.