Google I/O is one of the biggest tech events every year. It draws the attention of developers and enthusiast users watching out for new features making their way to Android and Google’s ecosystem of smart home products. Like last year, Google I/O 2021 is a free-to-attend event hosted completely virtually due to the global pandemic. The event will be hosted from May 18th through May 20th, with various online sessions discussing new changes. While we expect to see many announcements related to Android 12, there is other stuff to watch out for at the event. If you are interested in being part of the gala, here’s how you can watch Google I/O 2021.

Google Keynote — May 18th, 10 AM PT

Google I/O 2021 is slated to start today, i.e., on May 18th at 9:40 AM Pacific Time (PT). The Google keynote, which will be the primary attraction of the event, begins at 10 AM PT. You can follow the link below to watch the Google Keynote, and make sure you set a reminder for the same so you don’t miss any key announcements. We can expect pivotal announcements about new features coming to Android 12 in this keynote, including but not limited to the design changes leaked last week.

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Developer Keynote — May 18th, 12:15 PM PT

The Google keynote will be followed by a keynote targeted at developers, and it begins at 12:15 PM PT. In this session, Google is expected to showcase a preview of changes coming to developer-centric products like Flutter, Firebase, Jetpacks, other APIs, etc.

If you are a developer and want to stay updated with the changes coming your way, you can watch the Developer Keynote at the following YouTube link:

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Other than these keynotes, Google has several sessions that will be live-streamed via YouTube and Google’s other social media handles. Developers can also register themselves at the Google I/O 2021 landing page and get access to various individual interactive sessions and workshops on topics like Progressive Web Apps, Developer tools, Flutter, Material Design, Cloud AI, and many more.

For other announcements made at the event, make sure you follow the Google I/O 2021 news at XDA.