Android tablets aren’t exactly the most popular pieces of tech on the market, especially when looking outside of the list of best Android tablets. However, an “HTC A100” tablet was spotted on Google Play Console, featuring 8GB of RAM, a Unisoc Tiger (Spreadtrum) T618 chipset, a Full HD+ display, and Android 11.

The company’s commitment to Android is impressive, even if it hasn’t exactly performed the best. HTC did launch a mid-range smartphone earlier in the year, but what’s even weirder is that this tablet (via MobileScout) uses a Unisoc Tiger chipset. The likelihood is that this is a tablet designed by another device manufacturer that HTC is simply putting its name on, though. It’s a weird path for HTC to go down, especially as it has been several years since it released a tablet. If the company wants to reclaim some of the Android market, doing so through a tablet (when Android tablets are notorious for not being very good) seems like an odd choice to make.

The tablet has also shown up on Made-in-China, an online retailer selling Chinese products, complete with a spec-sheet too. It gives a first look at what the tablet may look like, though it’s always possible that it’s an incorrect listing. If the specification sheet is to be believed, it has a 7,000 mAh battery, dual cameras on the back, expandable storage, and a 10.1-inch display. It’s worth pointing out as well that this information could all merely be for placeholder purposes. Either way, it’s clear that HTC is definitely working on a tablet, and some of the specifications that leaked on the Google Play Console match the listing, so it’s entirely possible that these are the full specifications. When devices show up on Google Play Console, it tends to mean that the company is finalizing the device for release, so we may well see the HTC A100 announced sooner rather than later.