Intel has introduced a new NUC (Next Unit of Computing) Extreme kit, codenamed ‘Beast Canyon,’ an update to the NUC 9 from last year. The new NUC 11 is pretty interesting as it features the latest 11th-gen Intel processors going up to a Core i9-11900KB and includes the option to add a full-size 12-inch GPU in a brand new 8-liter chassis.

There are some good upgrades from the previous-gen model. As mentioned, there is a new chassis that is longer and makes room for some beefier hardware. The power supply has been updated to an SFX 650W Gold-rated unit which means it is much more capable and reliable when handling high-end hardware. The chassis includes two PCIe Gen-4 slots, one for the compute unit itself and the other for the GPU, potentially up to an RTX 3080. There are also three 92mm fans, so all the hot air exhausts from the top, and there is some RGB lighting with a glowing skull logo at the front. Overall, the system seems to be an excellent choice for someone looking for a small form factor gaming PC.

The NUC 11 can also be configured with a Core i7-11700B, and Intel has also confirmed (via The Verge) that owners of the older NUC 9 can upgrade to these new CPU options. However, there will be certain limitations on the PCIe Gen 4 support and the front panel audio.

Other features that you can expect on the new NUC 11 kit include support for 64GB dual-channel memory, four M.2 slots, Wi-Fi 6E with 2.5-gigabit Intel Ethernet port, and two Thunderbolt 4 HDMI 2.0, and six USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports. At the front, there are two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports as well as an SDXC card slot.

Intel will be selling the Core i7-11700B model at $1,399, while the Core i9-11900KB will be available starting at $1,599. Both models are expected to start shipping in September. For more details, check out Intel’s announcement here.