The XDA Boards were the main house to thousands and thousands of participants and a large number of group initiatives. As we input our twentieth anniversary this yr, it’s time we cope with one of the crucial greatest court cases that discussion board customers have with the boards. We listen you: the XDA Boards have laws, and also you don’t like laws. And we’d like to give a way to this grievance as of late, one thing that makes all folks glad. It took us twenty years of pretending to pay attention, and now we in spite of everything have.

The XDA Boards have lengthy operated upon a set of governing rules that every one participants are anticipated to learn and obey. Violating the foundations may end up in publish deletions, infractions, and sooner or later a ban. However who’re we kidding? That is the Web, and as our Information Portal stats point out, other folks don’t love to learn, a lot much less obey. The outcome of our insistence to put into effect laws is that customers who simply need to have a great time with no care on the planet are confronted with disappearing messages and lengthy partitions of textual content that they simply couldn’t give two ***** about.

As we march ahead into the decentralized Internet 3.0 generation, it’s time we acknowledge web customers’ rights assured below the First Amendment of the Global Internet Charter to an open and deletion-free discussion board board. We deeply care about those rights, and we’re cognizant of the way necessary they’re to our rich readers and to our final analysis. So as of late, we take this chance to introduce XDA Discussion board Violation Passes, a subscription-based license to do your individual factor at the XDA Boards.

XDA Forum Violation Passes are the easiest synergy between our want to be a sellout and your want to talk your thoughts and inform other folks at the Web how unsuitable they truly are. Discussion board Violation Passes are available in 3 tiers to cater to a large set of necessities from our discussion board customers. With the Discussion board Violation Passes, subscribed discussion board participants get a loose go on rule violations, business web page unsolicited mail, kang violations, and the facility to insult their number of Discussion board Moderators and Senior Moderators. What’s extra, those passes additionally come with without equal skill to win an issue on-line: you’ll be able to get discussion board participants of your opting for banned!

XDA Forum Violation Passes -- April Fools Joke for 2022

The 3 ranges of XDA Discussion board Violation Passes are:

  • Bold:
    • 10 Rule Violations
    • 5 Moderators to Insult
    • 3 Business Web page Junk mail
    • 2 Challenge Kangs
    • 1 Member Ban
    • $199 most effective
    • Validity: 1 yr
  • Fearless:
    • 25 Rule Violations
    • 15 Moderators to Insult
    • 5 Senior Moderators to Insult
    • 10 Business Web page Junk mail
    • 4 Challenge Kangs
    • 5 Member Bans
    • $499 most effective
    • Validity: 1 yr
  • Hothead:
    • UNLIMITED Rule Violations
    • Insult ALL the Moderators
    • Insult ALL the Senior Moderators
    • Junk mail UNLIMITED Business Internet sites
    • Kang UNLIMITED Tasks
    • 20 Member Bans
    • $999 most effective
    • Validity: 1 yr

All tiers come with a customized [FVP] prefix in entrance of your discussion board name to let different discussion board plebs know who’s the boss of the boards. So long as the cash helps to keep rolling in, subscribed discussion board participants will not have mods raining on their parade. You in spite of everything get to unharness your true self upon thousands and thousands of hapless discussion board participants, who’d be left without a choice however to both grin and undergo it, or pony as much as give it again to you. It’s a win-win for all concerned, and us particularly, and we completely miss out on any means this will cross unsuitable.

Buy XDA Forum Violation Pass

Someday, we plan to extend Discussion board Violation Passes having the ability to create 50-member Gangs, permitting Hothead whales to degree up and run their very own on-line syndicate. Additional down the road, spendthrifts and squanderers can take part in Gang vs Gang wars on this Conflict of Gangs. Now we have extra bold plans for the longer term, and we can proportion them with you in due time. And don’t fear, there can be no Batman on this Gotham Town.

What are you looking forward to? Grease our arms and watch us glance the wrong way!

* Regulations proceed to be appropriate when you aren’t subscribed to a Discussion board Violation Go. You’ll be infracted and banned upon rule violations when you haven’t paid up.
** Discussion board Violation Go is particular to Boards most effective. Portal Feedback Go is a separate $499 add-on. Intenet Go is a separate $499,999 add-on. Keyboard for offended button-mashing bought one by one.
*** Harm emotions aren’t incorporated.


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