It’s always fun when a website or service you use starts to have issues loading, and you have to try to guess if your home internet connection is broken, or if it’s not actually your fault. Today’s string of internet outages definitely isn’t the result of your router not working — Spotify, Discord, Snapchat, and other applications and services are having problems.

There are many reports on social media about Spotify and Snapchat being inaccessible, and Downdetector is also tracking issues with Discord, Etsy, Rocket League, Fitbit, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular services. Personally, I was listening to Spotify a few minutes ago until the music suddenly stopped, and refreshing the page simply gave me the below 404 error.

Spotify dead
Spotify dead

Spotify showing a 404 error on the web player

The culprit appears to be a Google Cloud outage affecting networking, which was first reported by Google earlier today. “We are experiencing an issue with Cloud Networking beginning at Tuesday, 2021-11-16 09:53 US/Pacific,” the report reads. The incident report mentions that people may encounter 404 errors when accessing web pages, but mobile apps and other non-browsers may simply fail without showing any errors.

Some services and sites have already recovered (Discord appears to be slowly coming back), but other sites and platforms are still having trouble. Downdetector is also tracking reports from Shopify, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, time tracking service Toggl, Paramount+, Pokémon GO, and many other services. Most of those services are operational for me, but the outages could only affect certain regions, or some of those platforms may have already implemented a workaround. We’ll keep you updated.