HONOR is holding its first global launch event in over two years, and this one is particularly special because not only is this HONOR’s return to the global stage as an independent company, the launch is also for the HONOR Magic3 Series!

Those who follow smartphones should be aware that the Magic series does not follow a traditional annual release cycle — the last Magic device was released in 2018 — because HONOR wants to ensure each new Magic bring meaningful innovations, and the HONOR Magic3 Series is set to do just that.

We at XDA are excited to partner with HONOR to celebrate this event with a live stream watch party. Our team – including Editor in chief Mishaal, Senior Editor Ben and Video Host TK – will watch the HONOR Magic3 Series launch event in real-time and provide commentary and insights. Best of all, there will be giveaways for HONOR fans who watch with us.

Although the launch is still days away, HONOR has over the past few weeks teased some exciting details about the HONOR Magic3 Series: it will be one of the first phones in the world to run on the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ SoC, and it will also introduce never-before-seen capabilities in the area of cinematic videography. There’s a lot more information that won’t be revealed until the launch event, so tune in to see what HONOR has in store and win some giveaway prizes!

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