Apple is yet again bringing a design change to Safari for iOS with the release of its latest developer beta. After introducing a significant facelift via the first iOS 15 developer beta, Apple received criticism regarding the address bar, which moved to the top when tapped. While this was fixed in beta 3 by making the bar hover above the keyboard, the latest iOS 5 beta 6 now allows users to put it either at the top or bottom of the screen.

First spotted by MacStories founder and podcaster Federico Viticci (via The Verge), the change gives users access to the address bar at the bottom, where it is planted right above a toolbar that includes controls for back and forward, a share button, and the tab button. The other option is to have the address bar at the top, which basically makes Safari look similar to how it was on iOS 14.

Giving users the ability to have the UI according to their liking is a very ‘non-Apple’ move, but then it makes sense especially for the ones who are used to having the address bar at the top. Having said that, there are some relevant changes to Safari that are going to make the browser a lot more user-friendly than it already is. Some of my favorite features include the option to always fetch the desktop version of a webpage and the ability to install extensions.

We are halfway through August, which means that the final version of iOS 15 is not all that far away. Apple may release another developer beta before the stable release at the end of this month.