In the world of work, Microsoft products are everywhere. If you want to build any kind of IT career, it’s essential to know these services inside out. The Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows, & Azure Bundle helps you do just that, with 17 courses working towards official certifications. You can get the bundle today for just $69.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

From apps hosted on Azure to every desktop PC running Windows 10, companies around the world rely on Microsoft products. For this reason, certified administrators and engineers are always in demand — with salaries to match. According to one survey, mid-level Microsoft Azure Administrators earn $100,000 on average.

This bundle of 17 courses helps you earn a long list of official Microsoft certifications. The training also covers a range of practical skills, which you can apply in many technical environments.

Through concise video tutorials, you learn how to configure Windows 10, Windows Hello, Microsoft 365, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Teams, and more. The courses also help you prepare for key exams, including the Microsoft Azure Administrator certificated test. 

The training comes from iCollege, a platform that has been creating IT courses for nearly two decades. All the courses have great reviews, and you can watch the tutorials on demand.

Order today for just $69.99 to get lifetime access to all 17 courses, worth a total of $5,015.


The Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows, & Azure Bundle – $69.99

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