When most of the people set up Magisk modules, they only flash it by the use of the Magisk app after which reboot into Android. In terms of putting in common flashable ZIP programs, there are customized restoration initiatives like TWRP that do the activity. On the other hand, when you’re going to be rooting and tinkering your software, you must more than likely get used to the command-line interface anyway. Excluding the most obvious undeniable fact that figuring out some shell instructions turns out to be useful, studying to make use of them can imply no longer having to flash by the use of every other app or attach your smartphone on your PC for sideloading to any extent further than completely vital. That is the place the Magic ToolFlash venture is available in.

Created via XDA Senior Member huskydg, Magic ToolFlash is a novel take at the Android flashing mechanism. It’s a command-line flash software that works with out a customized restoration surroundings. All you want to do is obtain a flashable ZIP to your software. Subsequent, name the software thru any terminal emulator app with root privilege to execute the flashing operation.
Magic ToolFlashMagic ToolFlashExcluding growing an remoted namespace for the sake of safety, Magic ToolFlash additionally presentations the detailed flash log to the end-user. You’ll be able to flash other Magisk modules, the Magisk app itself, in addition to different mod ZIP information proper from a CLI window to your telephone the usage of the flash command after putting in this Magisk module. On the other hand, the software can’t be used to put in a ROM from a operating Android device but.

Needless to say the /tmp listing does no longer exist at the Android root filesystem. In consequence, you could want to adjust the updater script and use /dev/tmp because the brief listing whilst the usage of Magic ToolFlash. Additionally, if the objective flashable zip comprises hardcoded /sbin command, it will fail on Android 11 and above running programs.

If you’re a developer and need to discover the codebase of Magic ToolFlash, then check out the venture’s GitHub repository. A ready-to-use Magisk module model could also be to be had for obtain underneath the Releases phase of the repo.

Magic ToolFlash: Download || GitHub Repository

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