Today, Microsoft opened up registration for its Build 2021 developer conference. It also confirmed the dates, which are from May 25 through May 27. Once again, the event will be all-virtual, as the Redmond firm promised to only do virtual events through July of this year. That also means that it will be free for everyone.

As for what to expect from this year’s conference, the website says, “Explore what’s next in tech and the future of hybrid work.” Being that there’s been an explosion of people working from home over the last year, a resurgence of Windows news at Build could be in the cards. Microsoft has also heard the feedback in recent years that Windows was being ignored.

The company also confirmed 10 speakers and an overview of the schedule. Right at the top is, you guessed it, a keynote from CEO Satya Nadella. He’ll be joined by some others to talk about hybrid work. Other speakers include Amanda Silver, Donovan Brown, Kayla Cinnamon, Scott Guthrie, Leslie Richardson, Scott Hanselman, Anna Hoffman, Rajesh Jha, and Kevin Scott.

That initial keynote will kick off at 8:30am PT. At 9:30am, the event is going to dive into technical sessions. At 1:30pm, it’s the Imagine Cop finals. Breakout sessions start at 2:00pm. Then at 6:00pm, the virtual event pretty much starts over for those that are in different time zones.

There’s also going to be a day two keynote at this year’s Microsoft Build conference. That’s going to include people like Scott Guthrie, Rajesh Jha, and Scott Hanselman. It’s also likely to be more developer focused.

If you want to register for the virtual event, you can sign up here. For the keynotes and some sessions, a registration won’t be necessary, but Microsoft was very clear that you do need to be registered to access the full show.