When Windows 11 ships this holiday season, it’s going to come with a new Microsoft Store. Ever since Windows 8, when Microsoft forced everyone who wanted to be in the Store to build an app for it, restrictions have been rolled back. With Windows 10, you could opt to build a UWP app, or you could package a desktop app. With Windows 11, you won’t even need to package it. An example of that is that Microsoft Edge Browser showed up in the Windows 11 Microsoft Store, as spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia.

If you hit the install button, the behavior is a lot different from installing apps from the Microsoft Store previously. The way it used to work, and still will for packaged apps, is that you click the install button, and the Store quietly downloads and installs the app. With these apps, you get the full first-run experience, as if you downloaded it from the web. You get the same downloading and installing progress bar that we’re used to, and on top of that, Edge will still update itself if you get it from the Windows 11 Store, rather than having the Microsoft Store manage it.

It’s called Microsoft Edge Browser, and you can find it by searching for it, but only on Windows 11. It’s developed by Microsoft Corporation II, whatever that means. It’s probably some alias from Microsoft, or it could be some random person that tossed Edge up on the Store knowing that Microsoft’s app verification process is notoriously bad. Microsoft Corporation II hasn’t published any other apps in the Store.

As for why Microsoft would put its Edge browser in the Store is anyone’s guess. After all, Windows does come with Edge. Microsoft doesn’t even let you uninstall it. In fact, the reason Microsoft doesn’t let you uninstall it is because you’d be left in a bad state if it let you leave yourself without a browser. Offering that browser through the Store could solve that problem.

We’ll see what happens. It’s definitely notable that the browser has appeared in the Store, since Microsoft has never done this. Whether the Redmond firm plans to keep it there is another story.