Earlier this year, Microsoft killed off its UserVoice forums. It was a bit strange, since it hadn’t provided any kind of warning. Eventually, the company said that it does have some new mechanisms coming, and as it turns out, it’s called Feedback Portal, and it’s coming in preview before the end of the year.

The news comes thanks to Carl Knecht on Twitter. It’s going to start as a feedback mechanism for both Microsoft Edge and Microsoft 365, with support for other services like Windows coming next year. It’s going to be available in all markets, but only in English, at least at first.

Microsoft does have other ways to post feedback. For example, there’s an option to send feedback from right within the Microsoft Edge browser. And while this service might be more of a hub of feedback from different products, it has to be called Feedback Portal because Feedback Hub is taken. That’s the app that’s built into Windows where you can complain about things and suggest new features for the OS.

Using the new Feedback Portal, you’ll of course be able to leave feedback on product, and you’ll also be able to upvote other users’ feedback. And yes, this does sound exactly like how other feedback mechanisms from Microsoft work. Perhaps one day, the Redmond firm will consolidate all of this stuff.

In the meantime, you’ll have your choice of ways to complain about Microsoft products. The Feedback Portal will arrive in preview this year, which presumably means that it will be generally available next year. Again, it’s exclusive to Microsoft 365 products and Edge, with Windows coming later.