Razer is no stranger to audio products, as the company sells many different pairs of headphones, true wireless earbuds, speakers, and headsets. Last year’s Opus headphones were the first Razer over-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and they offered good sound quality and a price that undercut some of the competition. Now there’s another pair of ANC headphones on the way from Razer, and they come at an even lower price.

The new Razer Opus X seems like impressive headphones for $99 (€109.99), at least on paper. It has Active Noise Cancellation, just like the original Opus headphones, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. But it also adds a new 60ms low-latency ‘Gaming Mode’ which they’ve featured on other audio products before but not in the original Opus. There are also 40mm drivers, two microphones, and a ‘Quick Attention Mode’ for when you need to hear your surroundings.

Razer is promising 30 hours of battery life with ANC on, or 40 hours without. There’s also a USB Type-C port for charging, which is nice to see — the newer port is unfortunately still rare on accessories like headphones. However, there doesn’t appear to be a 3.5mm jack for wired audio, so the Opus X will become mostly useless after the internal battery starts to die.

The Razer Opus X is available starting today from Razer’s website, Amazon, and other retailers. The ‘Razer Green’ color will be exclusively available from Razer’s online store for a month, but after that, it will be available at other stores.

    Razer’s new budget headphones have Bluetooth 5.0, Active Noise Cancellation, and a price tag of $99.99.