Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series magnetically, making it ridiculously easy to align your phone’s and the charger’s wireless charging coils. Apple even recently released a portable battery pack using MagSafe tech, so you can plop the pack on the back of your phone for a quick top up while on-the-go. While many Android phones support Qi wireless charging — and some can even attach to MagSafe chargers — we haven’t seen Android smartphone makers release their own magnetic wireless chargers like Apple has. That could change soon, as it appears that Realme is working on making a magnetic wireless charger of its own, dubbed “MagDart”.

Realme recently secure a trademark for “MagDart” from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which was our first hint that the company is working on magnetic wireless charging tech. “MagDart” seems to be a portmanteau of “MagSafe” and “Dart Charge”, the latter of which is Realme’s umbrella term for its fast charging solutions.

A trademark isn’t the only evidence behind Realme’s intentions, however. GizmoChina obtained renders showing at least two variants of Realme’s MagDart charger. One is slimmer than the other, and the slimmer one seems to support 15Wwireless charging at a minimum. GizmoChina states that the puck-shaped charger is slimmer than Apple’s MagSafe charger. The larger charging station, meanwhile, apparently has charging speeds to rival modern wired fast charging technology, though no specific details were shared by GizmoChina. We can see that there’s a grille below the USB-C port of the charging station, which is presumedly for some form of airflow to keep thermals in check.

We don’t know when Realme will debut these accessories, but they will likely unveil these products alongside a new Android smartphone with support for magnetic wireless charging akin to what Apple has on offer in MagSafe on the iPhone 12. The introduction of MagDart could mark a significant milestone for Android, especially if it can compete with modern-day fast wired charging technology. It also paves the way for a potential MagDart power bank, should Realme want to work on future wireless charging accessories similar to what Apple already has in its arsenal.