Realme, one of the smartphone brands under BBK Electronics alongside OPPO, OnePlus, and Vivo, today announced which of its phones will be first in line to get the Android 12 update. The announcement comes shortly after Google began uploading the source code for Android 12 to AOSP today.

Predictably, the phones that will be the first to get the Android 12 update are in the Realme GT series. The main phone in the Realme GT series is, of course, the Realme GT, an affordable flagship that really impressed us in how glaringly typical of a Realme phone it was in all the right ways. There are other phones in the GT series, of course, including the GT Master Edition, GT Neo2, GT Explorer Master Edition, GT Neo, and GT Neo Flash, but it’s unclear if every device will be getting the update at the same time.

Back in May, Realme opened up an Android 12 beta program for the GT, but the beta didn’t bring a new version of Realme UI, Realme’s fork of Android which itself is based on OPPO’s ColorOS. The upcoming update for the Realme GT series will, however, bring with it a new version of Realme UI, called Realme UI 3.0. Realme hasn’t shared any details on the update, only noting that “the entire UI will be refreshed and the experience will be upgraded compared to Realme UI 2.0.” Based on what we’ve seen of ColorOS 12, though, it’s clear that there’s a lot of changes in store.

Despite recent policy changes from its sister brands OPPO and OnePlus, Realme has yet to expand its software support commitment. The Realme GT is only promised two generations of OS updates, which means the Android 12 update for the Realme GT will be one of two OS updates for the device. Realme is teasing that its Realme UI 3.0 update will be released globally for the device on October 13th next week, but it’s unclear if the update will be a stable release or a beta build (it’s likely the latter.) Users interested in piloting the update will soon be able to login to the Realme community forums to apply for the update.

This article was updated at 2:21 PM ET with additional information from Realme about the launch event timing.