Samsung is working on a couple of new features for its TV operating system — Tizen OS. At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) yesterday, the company revealed that it’s working with Google to bring better video calling capabilities to its smart TVs. Samsung also plans to bring Samsung Health features to smart TVs, using an in-built webcam to track users’ movements and provide feedback during workouts. Furthermore, Samsung is bringing a couple of gaming improvements to the operating system to reduce latency and offer better HDR calibration.

During the SDC 2021 keynote, Samsung also announced Tizen for Business — a service that supports interactive e-boards in schools, kiosks in malls, and even displays in restaurants, airports, and subways — and Tizen TV Platform Licensing. With the latter, Samsung aims to give other TV manufacturers the opportunity to bundle Tizen OS on their smart TVs.

Using the new licensing platform, “manufacturers who want to introduce a premium TV platform like Tizen can do so quickly with minimal cost, as well as utilize the Tizen brand to promote their products at major external events. This enables them to use the Tizen TV presence to promote their products in the Smart TV market, and ultimately, help more consumers enjoy Tizen.”

Like Google, Samsung also wants other manufacturers to use its operating system on their smart TVs. However, Samsung isn’t the only other company offering its smart TV OS to other manufacturers. In February this year, LG also set up a licensing platform to offer its webOS operating system to other manufacturers. At the time, the company revealed the names of a few brands that had already jumped on board and licensed webOS for their devices. But Samsung is yet to do so. We expect Samsung to share more details as soon as other brands start licensing Tizen OS for their smart TVs.