The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is almost upon us, as Samsung plans to show it off during the Unpacked event scheduled for August 11th. That doesn’t mean the phone is a complete mystery, though — we’ve seen leak after leak of the new Z Flip, to the point where there’s not much left to the imagination. In case you need more proof of the phone’s existence, renders have now appeared of Samsung’s official Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases.

The new renders (via 91mobiles) show off all the cases Samsung will sell for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The leaked designs include a leather case, a silicone design with a ring at the top, and a silicone case with a smaller strap. The latter two options seem to indicate Samsung wants you to carry the Z Flip 3 on a bag or lanyard, instead of staying in your pocket.

Just like the cases for the last-gen Z Flip, the hinge section is left unprotected, so the phone can still open properly. There’s also a larger gap on the top section, since the Z Flip 3 will have a larger display on the rear cover than the previous model. Honestly, there’s not much surface area left protected at this point — these Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases will protect the phone from some bumps, but that’s about it.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to be officially revealed on August 11th, and it’s rumored to feature a 6.7-inch 120Hz folding screen, dual rear cameras, and IPX8 water and dust resistance. Not much has been confirmed about the internal specifications yet, but it will likely have a Snapdragon 888 chipset.