Samsung sells many cases for its own phones, but perhaps the most interesting one is the S-View flip cover. It’s a typical flip cover, protecting the screen when closed, but with a small window that displays the current time, battery status, music controls, and more. The typical price of $49.99 is a bit too much money, but now Samsung is dropping the price to $36.99, a savings of $13.

The S-View case is available in four colors: Black, Gray, Pink, and Violet. Samsung also has sizes for all three models of the S21 (S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra), and all the options appear to be the same $36.99 price. The main benefit here is that the cover wraps around the front of the phone, at least when it’s not being used. While this case does add a bit more bulk than non-cover cases, it doesn’t hold cards or anything else, so it’s not quite as large as a wallet case.

    This cover case has a special display window for easy access to music playback, notifications, and more.

The most interesting feature is the small display window along the edge, which can be used to answer phone calls, control music playback, check the time and battery level, and more. Those software features are baked into Samsung’s One UI software, so you don’t need to install an app (or do anything else) for them to work.