Back in February, Google announced a UI update to the Android TV platform that brings a new “Discover” tab. This tab will show personalized TV show and movie recommendations and sits between the “Home” and “Apps” tabs. Owners of Android TV-powered Sony Bravia TVs have discovered this week that the new interface update has rolled out.

As spotted by 9to5Google and users on Reddit, Sony has begun informing Bravia TV owners that their “TV just got upgraded” with “new Android TV features.” The full email confirms that the update refers to the Android TV home screen refresh announced in February, which brings the new “Discover” tab. The email further describes how recommendations are tailored to the user and are based on what you’ve watched in the past, what’s trending, what’s popular in your region, and what your interests are based on your Google account history. Tailored suggestions are organized into topics and genres to make it easier for users to find the next TV show or movie they should watch.

My Sony X900H TV received the new Android TV interface sometime recently, though Sony never sent me an email about the update. I rarely use the built-in Android TV interface on my TV outside of downloading firmware updates or changing picture/audio settings. (I personally prefer using the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro since it’s speedier.) Among Sony Bravia TV owners, the reaction to this update has been mixed. Many are still waiting on the long-awaited update that will bring HDMI 2.1’s VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode to the X900H, and I’m also waiting on Sony to finally let us turn off USB power when the TV is on standby.