Steam’s Big Picture mode won’t be sticking around too long. Valve plans to replace it with the new UI introduced on the recently released Steam Deck.

The news was confirmed (via The Verge) by a Valve employee, who goes by the name austinp_valve, on Steam community forums. Responding to a user seeking confirmation on whether Valve was planning to eventually replace the Big Picture mode with the new Steam Deck UI, the Valve employee said the company was indeed going to do that. However, no timeframe has been given on when this change will take place.

For the unaware, Big Picture is a mode in Steam’s PC client that offers a console-like interface. It comes quite handy for users who like to play games on a big screen TV using a controller — instead of a keyboard and mice. It was released back in 2012 and was part of SteamOS that ran on Steam Machines. However, it hasn’t received a major redesign since 2015 and looks quite outdated. In comparision, the brand new UI of Steam Deck looks quite slick and will be a perfect replacement for what we have on the PC client right now.

While there’s no word yet on when the new UI will be rolled out, it’s possible the switch might not happen until the Steam Deck finally hits the shelves.

The Steam Deck is Valve’s newly launched handheld gaming machine. It is essentially a portable PC, packing a custom AMD APU with a quad-core CPU, 8 compute units, 16GB RAM, and up to 512GB SSD storage. It has a 7-inch LCD with HD resolution, a 40Whr battery, stereo speakers, a 3.5mm jack, and an array of buttons and controls, including a pair of thumbsticks, a D-Pad, and two trackpads. It starts at $399 and is currently open for pre-order, with orders expected to start shipping around December.