Windows 11 is coming later this year, and with it comes a lot of uncertainty. Microsoft says Windows 11 will be compatible with most laptops you can buy today, and that’s probably true. After all, just about every PC you can buy today meets the minimum requirements to run Windows 11. Still, you may want to know if the laptop you already have can run the new OS. Or maybe you’re thinking of buying one and you want to know if you’ll be able to upgrade it when Windows 11 releases. We’ve rounded up all the PCs we could find that will be upgradeable to Windows 11, and you can see them below.

Since Windows 11 has only recently been announced, most companies haven’t yet shared the full list of PCs that can be upgraded to Windows 11. However, some have, and we can also find many others by searching through the laptops you can buy right now. But there are hundreds or thousands of different PC configurations out there, and many compatible models are not available to buy anymore. We’re listing everything we could find, but there could be more compatible models. You can always run the PC Health Check app to see if your PC is supported.


Acer hasn’t shared an official list of devices that will be upgradeable, so we had to dig through the company’s website to find the ones that meet the minimum requirements. If you’re looking to buy a PC that will support Windows 11, these are all valid options:

Acer PCs you can buy for Windows 11

As for the full list of supported PCs, we tried to dig up as many as we could from Acer’s website. All of these should be compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade, but there are likely many more, too. Until Acer shares an official list, you may want to run the PC Health Check tool to see if you can upgrade.

Acer PCs eligible for Windows 11


If you’re looking to buy a laptop from ASUS, here are a few options you can choose from that will be able to upgrade to Windows 11:

ASUS PCs you can buy for Windows 11

    Featuring the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs and an NVIDIA GTX 1650, this is a powerful gaming convertible. Support for Windows 11 will also come.
    With a high-end AMD processor and RTX 3060 graphics, this is a very powerful gaming laptop with a customizable lid thanks to an LED pixel array.
    ASUS TUF Dash F15ASUS TUF Dash F15
    For a more affordable gaming PC, the TUF Dash F15 is still very powerful. It will get Windows 11, too.
    ASUS ROG Strix G17ASUS ROG Strix G17
    This 17-inch laptop offers a ton of power and RGB lighting for the gamers. It has a sleek design, too.
    ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SEASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE
    For the more extravagant gamers, this laptop has a second screen that can display additional information during a match. Of course, it’s also a powerful PC.
    ASUS ZenBook FlipASUS ZenBook Flip
    This convertible has the latest Intel processors and a sleek design. Plus, its touchpad doubles as a calculator.
    ASUS VivoBook S15ASUS VivoBook S15
    This laptop features modern processors and adds a splash of personality with its bright red color. It’s affordable but powerful enough for most tasks.
    ASUS ExpertBook B9ASUS ExpertBook B9
    The ASUS ExpertBook B9 is a solid laptop for business users, featuring modern processors and top-notch specs. It will also get Windows 11.
    ASUS ZenBook Pro DuoASUS ZenBook Pro Duo
    If two screens sound great but you’re not into gaming, the ZenBook Pro Duo is for you. It has powerful internals and a 4K display.

If you want to know whether your current PC will support Windows 11, ASUS already has a complete list of all the PCs it knows will support the upgrade. You can try to find yours below.

ASUS PCs eligible for Windows 11


Dell is one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the world, and it already has a lot of PCs that will support Windows 11. Here are a few options to consider if you’re looking to buy.

Dell PCs you can buy for Windows 11

    Dell XPS 13 TouchDell XPS 13 Touch
    The Dell XPS 13 is one of the best laptops out there, packing high-end processors in a sleek design. It’s also ready for Windows 11.
    Dell XPS 17Dell XPS 17
    The larger XPS 17 accommodates more powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics, making it great for creative work and even some gaming.
    Dell Inspiron 15Dell Inspiron 15
    The Dell Inspiron 15 is a more affordable laptop that still packs plenty of power with AMD Ryzen processors.
    Dell G15Dell G15
    The Dell G15 is a powerful gaming laptop that’s still a reasonable price. It will also be upgraded to Windows 11.
    Alienware m15 R6Alienware m15 R6
    The Alienware m15 R6 is a beastly gaming laptop with top-tier Intel CPUs and NVIDIA graphics. It has a powerful cooling system to back it up, too.
    Alienware x17Alienware x17
    For ultimate gaming performance, the Alienware x17 is hard to beat. It has an Intel Core i9, RTX 3080, 4TB of storage, and 64GB of RAM.
    XPS DesktopXPS Desktop
    With an Intel Core i7-11700 and dedicated graphics, this XPS Desktop is great for just about any kind of task you may want to do on it.
    Dell Inspiren 27 7000Dell Inspiren 27 7000
    As an all-in-one, the Dell Inspiron 27 7000 has everything you need to get work done right away. It has the latest Intel processors as well as dedicated graphics.
    Dell Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10Dell Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10
    For home gamers, the all-AMD Alienware Aurora R10 offers a lot of power to play any game you want. It also has a modern aesthetic and RGB lighting.

Like ASUS, Dell has a complete list of all the PCs that it has tested for Windows 11 compatibility. Here’s the full list:

Dell PCs eligible for Windows 11


HP also hasn’t announced a full list of devices that will be upgradeable, but the company does say all of its currently-shipping portfolio will be able to get Windows 11. That includes things like the Spectre x360, Envy x360, and much more. We’ve rounded up a few PCs you can choose from if you’re looking to buy something that lets you upgrade.

HP PCs you can buy for Windows 11

    HP Spectre x360 13HP Spectre x360 13
    The Spectre x360 is HP’s most premium laptop and it has a unique design and powerful specs. Naturally, it will get WIndows 11, too.
    HP ENVY x360 15HP ENVY x360 15
    The HP ENVY x360 is another great premium laptop, and it comes in at a more reasonable price than the Spectre. It has similarly powerful internals, though.
    HP Pavilion 15HP Pavilion 15
    For students and occasional users, the HP Pavilion 15 is a great everyday laptop that can handle most work-related tasks.
    HP Elite FolioHP Elite Folio
    The HP Elite Folio will not only support Windows 11, it will get better because of it, thanks to the new x64 emulation capabilities. It’s also a very stylish business PC.
    HP Elite Dragonfly G2HP Elite Dragonfly G2
    The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is a premium business convertible with powerful performance and a design that’s perfect for the office. Of course, Windows 11 will also be available for it.
    Victus 16Victus 16
    The Victus is HP’s latest gaming laptop, and it has the latest processors and GPUs in a modern and sleek design. The 16-inch display gives you more space to play.
    HP Pavilion DesktopHP Pavilion Desktop
    With its high-end processor and lots of storage, the HP Pavilion Desktop is a great office or family PC. It has a clean and modern design, too.
    HP Pavilion DesktopHP Pavilion Desktop
    To get up and running as quickly as possible, this HP all-in-one has everything you need, including a powerful processor to handle most day-to-day tasks.
    The HP OMEN 30L is a gaming desktop with a lot of power and a subdued design that could fit anywhere. It’s also easily upgradeable.

While HP hasn’t shared an official list of PCs that will support Windows 11, we dug up as many as we could find that meet the requirements. There might be more, but all of these are compatible.

HP PCs eligible for Windows 11


Lenovo also has a preliminary list of devices that will be upgradeable to Windows 11, but it doesn’t include every supported laptop yet. However, if you’re looking to buy one, there are a few you can choose from that will definitely get the upgrade:

Lenovo PCs you can buy for Windows 11

As for the full list of PCs with support Windows 11, here’s what we’ve found based on the minimum requirements.

Lenovo PCs eligible for Windows 11

Microsoft Surface

If you’re in the market for a Surface PC, almost anything you can buy today will be compatible with Windows 11. Here are the best options you can get:

Microsoft PCs you can buy for Windows 11

    Surface Book 3Surface Book 3
    With a unique detachable design, the Surface Book 3 is a unique blend of power, versatility, and premium design. It can get things done and look good while doing it.
    Surface Laptop 4Surface Laptop 4
    The Surface Laptop 4 has a premium design and top-notch specs that will run Windows 11 like a breeze. Plus, there are four different colors and two sizes to choose from.
    Surface Pro 7+Surface Pro 7+
    The Surface Pro 7+ is a business device, but it packs some power. It has the latest Intel processors and a removable SSD.
    Surface Pro XSurface Pro X
    The Surface Pro X is an ARM device, meaning it will get even better with Windows 11. Plus, it has a modern design and larger screen than other Surface Pro models.
    Surface Go 2Surface Go 2
    Microsoft’s most affordable PC keeps the premium look-and-feel of the Surface line, but with lesser performance. It’s still a great machine for school, though.
    Surface Laptop GoSurface Laptop Go
    Offering a premium design and solid performance, the Surface Laptop Go is surprisingly good for its price. It’s fairly affordable despite its looks.

Microsoft has the easiest-to-understand lineup of them all, so even without an official announcement, it’s easy to find out which devices will support Windows 11. Here are the devices that will get the upgrade.

Microsoft PCs eligible for Windows 11

  • Surface Book 2
  • Surface Book 3
  • Surface Go 2
  • Surface Laptop 2
  • Surface Laptop 3
  • Surface Laptop 4
  • Surface Laptop Go
  • Surface Pro 6
  • Surface Pro 7
  • Surface Pro 7+
  • Surface Pro X

Yes, oddly enough, Microsoft’s flagship desktop PC, the Surface Studio 2, doesn’t make the list. Neither does the Surface Go, which is just about three years old.


If you’re looking to buy a new PC from MSI and you want it to be compatible with Windows 11, we have a few recommendations you can look for:

MSI PCs you can buy for Windows 11

MSI has also shared a list of the PCs that will be upgradeable to Windows 11, but oddly enough, its laptops are missing for now. We only have compatible desktops and all-in-ones at the moment, though we should hear more in the future. Here’s the current list:

MSI PCs eligible for Windows 11

  • Gaming desktops
    • MEG Aegis Ti5 11th
    • MEG Aegis Ti5 10th
    • Aegis 3 9th
    • Aegis Ti3 8th
    • Aegis 3 Plus 8th
    • Aegis 3 8th
    • Nightblade MI3 8th
    • MEG Trident X 11th
    • MPG Trident AS 11th
    • MPG Trident A 11th
    • MPG Trident 3 11th
    • MEG Trident X 10th
    • MPG Trident AS 10th
    • MPG Trident A 10th
    • MPG Trident 3 10th
    • Trident X Plus 9th
    • Trident A Plus 9th
    • Trident A 9th
    • Trident3 9th
    • Trident A
    • Trident3 8th
    • MEG Infinite X 11th
    • MAG Infinite 11th
    • MAG Infinite S3 11th
    • MEG Infinite X 10th
    • MAG Infinite 10th
    • MAG Infinite S 10th
    • Infinite X Plus 9th
    • Infinite X 9th
    • Infinite A 9th
    • Infinite 9th
    • Infinite S 9th
    • Infinite X
    • Infinite A 8th
    • Infinite S 8th
    • Infinite 8th
    • MAG Codex 5 11th
    • MAG Codex 5 10th
    • MAG Codex S 10th
    • MAG Codex X5 10th
    • Codex XE Plus 9th
    • Codex XE 9th
    • MAG Codex 5 9th
    • Codex 3 9th
    • Codex 3F 9th
    • Codex 3BF 9th
    • Codex S 9th
    • Codex XE
    • Codex S 8th
    • Codex 3 8th
    • MAG META S 3rd
    • MAG META 5
  • Business desktops
    • Creator P100X 11th
    • Creator P100A 11th
    • Creator P50 11th
    • Creator P100X 10th
    • Creator P100A 10th
    • Prestige P100 9th
    • Prestige PE130 9th
    • Prestige PE130 8th
    • Prestige P100 9th
    • Prestige PE130 9th
    • Cubi 5 10M
    • Cubi N JSL
    • DP21 11M
    • DP130 11th
    • DP20Z 5M
  • All-in-one PCs
    • AM271 11M
    • AM241 11M
    • AP241 11M
    • PRO 22XT 10M
    • PRO 24X 10M
    • PRO 22XT 9M
    • PRO 22XT AM
    • PRO 20EX 8GL
    • PRO 16T 10M
    • PRO 16 Flex 8GL


Finally, Razer also mostly only sells PCs that will be supported by Windows 11. Here are some options you can consider if you’re looking to make a purchase.

Razer PCs you can buy for Windows 11

Razer also hasn’t yet shared an official list of upgradeable devices, but the company’s lineup is one of the more straightforward ones. These are the models that can be upgraded to Windows 11.

Razer PCs eligible for Windows 11

  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2017) RZ09-0239x
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2019) RZ09-0281x
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2019) RZ09-03100
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2019) RZ09-03101
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2020) RZ09-03102
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2020) RZ09-0327
  • Razer Blade 14 (2021) RZ09-0370
  • Razer Blade 15 (2020) RZ09-03519
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2018) RZ09-0238x
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2019) RZ09-0313x
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2020) RZ09-0330x
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2021) RZ09-0367x
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2021) RZ09-0409x
  • Razer Blade 15 Base (2018) RZ09-02705
  • Razer Blade 15 Base (2020) RZ09-0328x
  • Razer Blade 15 Base (2021) RZ09-0369x
  • Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition (2019) RZ09-03135
  • Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition (2020) RZ09-0330Q
  • Razer Blade Pro 17 (2019) RZ09-0287x
  • Razer Blade Pro 17 (2019) RZ09-0314x
  • Razer Blade Pro 17 (2020) RZ09-0329x
  • Razer Blade Pro 17 (2021) RZ09-0368x
  • Razer Book 13 RZ09-0357


Most of Samsung’s current portfolio can be upgraded to Windows 11. If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, the company has a few great options to choose from:

Samsung PCs you can buy for Windows 11

    Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺
    Everything you love in a Galaxy PC, taken further. The ultra-slim Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺ sits at the top of its class with a super vivid QLED touchscreen, the latest Intel 11th Gen Core processor and a 2-in-1 design that transforms from a laptop to a tablet. With a super-fast-charging battery that lasts 18.5 hours and innovations galore, this Galaxy Book was made to exceed all expectations.
    Samsung Galaxy Book ProSamsung Galaxy Book Pro
    Why can’t laptops be more like phones? They can when they have PC power that’s smartphone thin. Combining the latest Intel 11th Gen Core processor with Windows 10 OS and designed on the Intel Evo platform, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro comes in under two pounds, so it’s the perfect mix of portability and productivity.
    Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
    If you want a powerful and premium convertible, Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro delivers. It has the latest Intel processors and it has unique integrations with Samsung smartphones to make it easier to work across devices.
    Samsung Galaxy Book IonSamsung Galaxy Book Ion
    It’s no longer the most powerful PC out there, but the Galaxy Book Ion can still handle most day-to-day tasks with its 10th-generation Intel Core i7. Plus, it has some unique design elements that help it stand out, like the blue bar near the hinge.
    Samsung Galaxy Book GoSamsung Galaxy Book Go
    Thanks to its low-power ARM chipset, the Galaxy Book Go offers great battery life and always-on connectivity. It has a premium design and display that are hard to find in this price range, too, making it a great value.
    Samsung Galaxy Book SSamsung Galaxy Book S
    Do everything super fast with the latest Intel Core i5 Processors with Intel Hybrid Technology to keep you connected, even when Wi-Fi isn’t available. Enjoy the freedom to take your work anywhere with a long-lasting battery and super-light chassis weighing just over 2 pounds.

As for the full list of Samsung PCs that will get the upgrade, there are a few. Samsung has a relatively simple lineup, so it’s easy to find out if your model is supported. Here’s the full list:

Samsung PCs eligible for Windows 11

  • Samsung Galaxy Book
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 α
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Go
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Ion
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
  • Samsung Galaxy Book S
  • Samsung Notebook Flash
  • Samsung Notebook Odyssey

These are all the PCs we know of right now that will be support Windows 11 when it releases. As the launch is still some time off, plans are being finalized, and this list could still change. More companies should also make their lists of upgradeable devices available sometime in the next few months.

When the official release comes, keep in mind the rollout is gradual and you may not get it right away. However, there will likely be ways you can get the upgrade more quickly if you want to.