Even though Apple is slowly migrating from the Lightning port to USB Type-C, many of its older and existing devices still use the Lightning port for charging and data transfer. And the company supplies a Lightning cable with pretty much every product that needs it, but Apple cables are notoriously flimsy and very often break. So there is a good chance you will end up in the market for a new Lightning cable at least once in the lifetime of your Apple product.

Apart from being fragile, the Apple Lightning cables are also expensive, and you can easily find a better and cheaper alternative. So if you are in the market for a new Lightning cable because whether your existing cable broke or you lost it, or maybe you need an extra for travel or office, we have handpicked the best Lightning cables that you can buy right now.

You’ll find two types of Lightning cables on the market: USB Type-C to Lightning and USB Type-A to Lightning. The Type-C to Lightning cables are future-proof and offer faster-charging speeds, while the Type-A cables are slower, and the Type-A ports are also slowly being phased out. Which one you get depends on what is present on the other end of the device you are connecting with — so check the ports on your charger or computer to see if you need USB A or USB C.

To cater to everyone’s needs, we have selected both USB Type-C to Lightning and Type-A to Lightning cables. You can pick depending on your requirements and which type of port is available on your charging brick.

Best USB Type-C to Lightning Cables

    Nylon braided

    The Ugreen USB-C to Lightning Cable is a durable charging cable. It’s available in three-feet, six-feet, and 10-feet sizes and comes with dual nylon braiding. Additionally, it can support up to 20W fast charging.

    Right angle

    If you like to game a lot, the Ugreen L-Shaped cable will come in handy. It doesn’t get in the way and features nylon braiding for durability. Additionally, the cable can withstand over 15,000 bends.
    Spigen DuraSync USB-C to Lightning CableSpigen DuraSync USB-C to Lightning Cable


    The Spigen DuraSync is another great Type-C to Lightning cable that you can buy today. It’s durable and tangle-free. In addition, the cable comes in a single three-feet size, but you can buy it in two colors. The cable also supports up to 30W fast charging.
    Belkin Lightning CableBelkin Lightning Cable

    Up to 18W charging

    This Belkin Lightning cable comes in both braided and plain PVC jackets. In addition, you can get it in two colors as well as two sizes. The cable supports up to 18W fast charging and can survive over 10,000 bends.
    Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning CableAnker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable

    Lifetime warranty

    The Anker PowerLine II is one of the best lightning cables on the market. It’s durable and supports fast charging. Moreover, you get a lifetime warranty.
    Apple Lightning to USB-C CableApple Lightning to USB-C Cable

    The official option

    If you want to stick with an Apple-branded cable, you can buy the Lightning to USB-C cable in one-meter and two-meter sizes. In addition, the cable supports fast charging, so you can use it to fast charge compatible Apple devices.

Best USB Type-A to Lightning Cables

    Anker PowerLine IIIAnker PowerLine III

    Available in 3-feet and 6-feet

    The Anker PowerLine III is an excellent Type-A to Lightning cable. It comes with textured grooves on the heads for easier plug and pull and is said to withstand over 25,000 bends. The cable is also MFi (Made for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod) certified.
    Native Union Belt CableNative Union Belt Cable

    Interesting designs

    The Native Union Belt Cable jacket comes with five design options, so if you aren’t a fan of plain white cables, this one will interest you. As the name suggests, the cable also includes a belt, which will come in handy while storing it. The cable is available in a single 10-feet size.
    Ugreen L-Shaped Charger CableUgreen L-Shaped Charger Cable

    Available in two colors

    If you use your iPhone while charging and the cable gets in the way, you should try this L-shaped charging cable from Ugreen. The cable can last over 10,000 bends and supports up to 20W charging. You can buy it in three-feet and six-feet sizes.
    Apple Lightning to USB CableApple Lightning to USB Cable

    The official cable

    This is the Type-A variant of the official Apple Lightning cable. You can buy it in 0.5-meter, one-meter, and two-meter sizes. Just make sure you get the cable from a reputed seller; otherwise, you may end up with a counterfeit.
    Spigen Universal CableSpigen Universal Cable

    Three ports in one

    If you keep multiple cables for different ports, this Spigen cable includes three of the most common ports—micro-USB, USB Type-C, and Lightning. On the other end, you get a Type-A port. The cable is also nylon braided and supports up to 18W charging.
    Nexcon Cable from NekteckNexcon Cable from Nekteck

    The budget option

    This is an affordable braided cable that you can buy in three color options. The cable is one meter in size and comes with MFi certification.
    Belkin DuraTek PlusBelkin DuraTek Plus

    With a strap

    The Belkin DuraTek Plus is a decent Lightning cable that comes with a built-in strap for easier storage. You can buy it in four-feet, six-feet, and 10-feet sizes, as well as white and black color options.
    Mous FlexLineMous FlexLine
    If you are looking for a Lightning cable that can really take a beating, the Mous FlexLine is an excellent option. It’s heavy-duty and can even lift up to 140kgs. In addition, you get a limited lifetime warranty for any issues.
    Scosche StrikelineScosche Strikeline

    Heavy duty

    The Scosche Strikeline is another excellent heavy-duty Lightning cable that is built to endure everything. It also supports fast charging, so you’ll be getting the top charging speeds on all your devices.

As you can see, there are plenty of good cables on the market. You can pick whichever suits your need. All our recommendations are also MFi certified so that you will get full compatibility with Apple devices.

If you want one specific recommendation, we suggest going for Anker PowerLine II for your Type-C to Lightning needs and Belkin DuraTek Plus for Type-A to Lightning.

Which cable are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, we have also selected the best USB cables and the best USB PD chargers on the market for your non-Lightning devices. Finally, if you are also looking for some MagSafe accessories for your iPhone, don’t forget to check our excellent roundup of the best MagSafe accessories that you can buy today.