The HP Pavilion Aero is a very compelling clamshell laptop. For its starting price of $749.99, it brings a lot to the table, more so than many other affordable laptops. It’s powered by the latest AMD Ryzen laptop processors, plus you can get it with up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. But one of the more impressive things about it is it weighs just 2.2lbs, a rarity for a laptop with these specs at this price. That makes it an extremely portable laptop, but to make use of that portability, you need to keep it charged. If you misplaced your charger or you just want an extra one, we’ve rounded up the best HP Pavilion Aero chargers you can buy.

Out of the box, the HP Pavilion Aero comes with a 65W barrel charger, which uses HP’s 4.5mm connector. However, it also supports charging via USB Type-C, which is probably the more desirable interface. Getting a USB Type-C charger means you can use it for other laptops later on, or even charge your phone or tablet. If you prefer the barrel charger though, we have a couple of options for you, too.

    The official HP one

    Want something that works just like the charger in the box? This is one of HP’s official chargers that uses the same 4.5mm connector as the Pavilion Aero. It delivers up to 65W of power and has a compact design.

    Save some money

    If you want the barrel charger but cheaper, this alternative from PowerSource should do it. It still provides up to 65W of charging power, and is significantly more affordable, though not as compact.
    HP 65W USB-C Power AdapterHP 65W USB-C Power Adapter

    Official, now with USB Type-C

    Let’s be honest, USB Type-C is the way to go for chargers nowadays, and the official HP one is probably your safest bet for the Pavilion Aero. It supports 65W charging and the power brick is relatively compact.
    Shareway 65W USB Type-C Laptop ChargerShareway 65W USB Type-C Laptop Charger

    Much cheaper

    Official chargers can be expensive, so this one from Shareway can give you the same power delivery for a much lower price. The power brick is bulkier, but you can still carry it easily while traveling.
    WEGWANG Type-C PD Wall Charger 65WWEGWANG Type-C PD Wall Charger 65W

    Affordable and compact

    Sometimes size matters, and if you need a cheap alternative that’s still portable, this charger is for you. It’s cheaper than the official HP chargers for the Pavilion Aero, but it uses a smaller design with a single cable.
    Anker PowerPort Pod III LiteAnker PowerPort Pod III Lite

    So tiny, yet powerful

    If you want something truly small, this Anker charger is incredibly compact while still delivering 65W of power. Not only is it super small, it comes with a braided charging cable, too. Plus, Anker is a renowned brand for chargers.
    Hyphen-X 100W 4-Port PD GaN ChargerHyphen-X 100W 4-Port PD GaN Charger

    More than a laptop charger

    The best thing about USB Power Delivery is you can charge almost any device with a single charger. With two USB Type-C and two Type-A ports, this Hyphen-X charger can charge all your devices at once.
    Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600with 65W PD chargerAnker PowerCore III Elite 25600with 65W PD charger

    Charge at home or on the go

    What if you need some extra charge while you’re away from an outlet? This bundle includes a power bank that delivers up to 60W of power, plus you get a 65W wall charger for when you do have an outlet nearby.
    Nekteck USB Car Charger with 45W Power DeliveryNekteck USB Car Charger with 45W Power Delivery

    Last-minute charging

    Forgot to charge your laptop before heading out? With this car charger, you can get some charge back while you’re on the road. 45W is a little slower than the official charger, but if the laptop is idle, it should still give you enough power to charge up.

No matter your needs, the options on this list should have you covered. We’ve included a couple of barrel chargers for the HP Pavilion Aero in case you want to keep the USB Type-C port free for other peripherals, but USB chargers are much more widely compatible. If you want an easy way to keep all your devices charged, the Hyphen-X 100W charger is definitely the way to go here, and it can free up some outlets in your home. Meanwhile, the PowerCore III Elite bundle is ideal if you plan to be on a long trip away from outlets. Of course, because USB Type-C is much more widely compatible, these chargers can be used with many other HP laptops and even other brands.

If you haven’t yet, you can use the link below to buy the HP Pavilion Aero. If you’re wondering why you should do that, check out our first impressions of the laptop to see what makes it so impressive; it’s actually really great for its price.

    HP Pavilion AeroHP Pavilion Aero
    The Pavilion Aero is weighs just 2.2lbs, but it’s still a powerful and premium-feeling laptop. It has the latest AMD Ryzen processors, a tall 16:10 Full HD+ display, and a magnesium alloy casing that allows it to be extra light.