The Apple TV was just updated a few months ago with the newer A12 chip, giving the streaming box even faster performance than most of its competitors. The new model starts at $180 for the 32GB model and $200 for 64GB, but if you don’t need all the latest features, there’s a great deal right now on the last-generation model. The last-gen Apple TV 4K is currently available for $119.99, a savings of $60 from the original price.

This is the fifth-generation Apple TV (and the first 4K model), originally released in September 2017. It has an Apple A10X chipset, 32GB of internal storage, 3GB RAM, and a remote with Siri voice control. Just like all other recent Apple TVs, you can install apps to it from the App Store, or stream content from other Apple devices using AirPlay. It can connect to any Wi-Fi network, but if wireless connections are spotty around your TV, this model also has a built-in Ethernet connector.

    The previous-generation Apple TV 4K is now $60 off its original price.

Compared to the newest Apple TV 4K, this model doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 support, the second-generation Siri Remote, HDMI 2.1 (only HDMI 2.0a), and support for high-framerate HDR video. Apple sells the new remote separately for $59, which does work with this older model, but at that point you might as well just buy the latest Apple TV.