Black Friday is upon us, and Fitbit already has some tempting deals! The Fitbit Luxe is currently on sale for $100 only — that’s $50 off its usual price. This wearable helps you manage your stress, monitor your heart rate, and track your sleep. It has a fancy, slim design — inspired by jewelry — and a vibrant display. It has a 5-day battery life, so you can stop stressing over recharging it nightly. And thanks to its 50-meter water resistance, you can safely shower while wearing it. Luxe is a great fitness tracker to buy right before the new year, assuming leading a healthier life is one of your resolutions. Grab one while the 33% off discount lasts and it’s still in stock.

    This fitness tracker is great for stress management, sleep tracking, and more. Own one for a mere $100, while this limited-time deal lasts.

The Fitbit Luxe comes with 6 months of free Fitbit Premium, assuming you’re not currently subscribed. So you get to unlock extra features and try them out for half a year — without spending a buck. This slim wearable packs a lot of features, considering its compact build. You can connect it to your phone’s GPS to display live metrics, such as your pace and distance when walking, jogging, or running.

Speaking of your phone, this Fitbit can also mirror phone calls and SMS when your phone is nearby. This way you can take a glance without interrupting your current workflow. And thanks to its 5-day battery life, you can wear it at night — instead of charging it — and track your sleep and change routines accordingly.

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