Microsoft is expanding the reach of Xbox Cloud Gaming by making it available in the Xbox app for Windows. Just recently, the company brought the service to web browsers, which already made it available on Windows and iOS. The experience is currently only available to Xbox Insiders.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a perk of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s premium game subscription service. With this subscription, users get access to over 100 games which they can download on PC or Xbox consoles, but cloud gaming makes most of those games available to play on your phone or tablet, too. Plus, if you play on PC, you no longer need a high-end gaming rig, you can just stream the experience from Microsoft’s servers.

To get in on the fun, you’ll need to be a part of the Xbox Insider program, which isn’t the same as the Windows Insider program. If you want to enroll in the Xbox Insider program on your PC, you’re going to need to install the Xbox Insider Hub. This lets you sign up for the program, as well as any other Xbox-related Insider tests. Once you sign up, you may need to check for updates in the Microsoft Store to make sure you have the latest version of the Xbox app. If everything is in order, you’ll see a Cloud Gaming tab on the landing screen of the Xbox app.

The cloud gaming experience on the Xbox app for Windows won’t offer any significant major differences from the web version. However, it is quickly accessible and the interface may be more fluid. Still, if you’d rather not join the Insider program, you can go here to play these games on your browser. And if you haven’t yet, you can buy a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate using the link below. A three-month subscription is $5 off right now at Amazon if you want to save a little extra money.

    With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get access to over 100 games on PC and Xbox consoles, plus the ability to stream them to a phone or other device.